Other Events


The German Armed Forces Proficiency Badge for military Proficiency (GAFPB) is one of the foreign awards authorized for wear on the United States Army dress uniforms. Earning the award requires an individual to pass a variety of courses, including fitness and marksmanship tests. The award can be earned in one of three separate grades, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Norwegian Foot March

The Norwegian Foot March is a 30km (18.6 mile) ruck march with an 11kg (24lbs) rucksack, completed within a set timeframe. The Norwegian Foot March is conducted twice a year by UConn, once on UConn campus, and once by University of New Haven. The ruck can be completed once per year. Participants can earn the Norwegian Foot March Badge, one of the foreign awards authorized for wear on U.S. Army uniforms, with five completions to earn a gold badge.

Army 10-Miler

UConn Army ROTC competes in the annual Army 10-Miler, a ten mile race started in 1985. The Army 10-Miler is headed by the Military District of Washington, and aims to support outreach, morale, and physical fitness.